Estate Planning

Estate planning takes care of you and your loved ones while avoiding costly court proceedings. An estate plan includes a number of documents such as a will, trust, power of attorney, and medical discloser letters.   


Estate planning serves many important functions including: 

  • Saves time and money by avoiding court proceedings such as probate

  • Avoids legal issues associated with incapacity 

  • Explains how to distribute your property after death 

  • Expresses your medical preferences

  • Expresses who you want to make medical and financial decisions (if needed)

  • Empowers people to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf

  • States who should care for your children (if you are unable)

  • Simplifies the administration of your estate

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Durable Power of Attorney

Advanced Health Care Directive

Guardianship Nomination



Our administrative services facilitate the legal processes associated with a death.  Our goal is to make the administration process as easy as possible.  


Generally, after a death, a person's estate goes through a trust administration, a probate, or both. How an estate is administered depends on the estate plan, how property was titled, and the estate value. We can determine what is required in your situation and help you navigate that process.


Probate &

Trust Administration


Probate is a court supervised legal process that distributes a person’s estate according to a will or state law. The process empowers a representative to gather the estate assets, pay debts and taxes, and to distribute the estate.



Trust administration is similar to probate, except; it generally does not involve a court process. It is important that trusts are administered properly because the person that administers a trust has many legal duties and can be personally liable for their actions. 

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Name Changes

California Name Changes

Gender Marker Changes

Identification Documents Changes

We help clients legally change their name, change their gender marker, and update identification documents such as a passport or California birth certificate.   


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